We carry out recliner repairs on most types of recliners, both manual recliners and electric recliners. We can fix most, if not all, issues with damaged or broken recliners. Some of which include:
  1.  Mechanism Not Working
We come to you equipped with proper tools to carry out recliner repair issues with mechanisms on the first visit. If it isn't a cable issue, The Recliner Showroom can source a new replacement part perfect to have your recliner back in action again.
  1.  Recliner Handle Snapped
The normal causes of this is the cable snapping between the latch and the release on the mechanism, or the attachment to the latch has broken off due to strain or overuse. We carry both cables and everything required to repair or replace the latch unit.
  1.  Remote Not Functioning
Remote not working? Don't worry, we carry a variety of parts to help get your recliner moving again, The Recliner Showroom can replace remotes too.

Call us to let us know what the problem is and we will make sure you're back reclining ASAP
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