Furmanac Conwy Electric Bed



  • Motors - 5 years
  • Frames - 10 years



Conwy has all Mitford’s features, but with a softer, squashier feel, so you sumptuously sink into it as your drift off. So like Mitford, you also sleep better as the memory and reflex foam supports your contours; you stay cool and dry with its Adaptive sleep treatment; you can feel The new Conwy MiBed mattress features 50mm of  memory foam on a layer of supportive reflex foam. Not only does this mattress fit to the contours of the body to reduce tossing and turning in the night, it also features Adaptive technology to keep you cool and dry, all night, every night.





Mattress50mm memory foam on reflex foam


Provides pressure relief / relieves your body of stress and tension / can reduce the amount of tossing and turning during sleep / conforms to the curves of the body to keep your spine in natural alignment / promotes better posture / absorbs energy so the movement of others should not cause a disturbance.




To keep you cool and dry, all night every night


Viscose cover


For a softer touch


BaseMotorised adjustable frame


Offering unique, customisable support to different areas of the body which can help relieve minor aches and pains, promote better circulation and an improved posture.


Sprung slats


Adapts to exerted pressure offering improved back support /facilitates even distribution of pressure which can help improve blood circulation / gaps allow air to pass freely beneath the bed which keeps your mattress fresher for longer.


Sprung shoulder zone


Offering added support to the neck and head.




Allowing you to set the level of support to meet your unique preferences in the lumbar region


*Please note the next day service offering is subject to availability


50mm of memory foam on reflex foam
Viscose quilted zip-off cover
Treated with Adaptive
Supports weight up to 18 stone